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Working with Christine was an enlightening experience. She guided me through her whole system intelligence approach to addressing challenges in my life. Her ability to help me connect on a deeper, somatic  level generated insights for me on how tightly I was holding on to certain perspectives and how to let them go. I was able to see what was really true for me and adopt those viewpoints in order to move forward with more joy in life. In fact, Christine possesses an infectiously joyful energy as a person. That, combined with her peaceful, calm approach and incredible knowledge in her craft make her an excellent coach whose services I highly recommend.   

- Judy Gielniak

What a blessing it is to work with Christine. As a professional Executive coach myself, I have previously experienced several coaches across the United Kingdom and Ireland. I have found Christine to have a very unique intuitive sense combined with an extraordinary amount of knowledge in neuroscience and embodied intelligence. I felt very quickly that Christine had the ability not just to see, hear and feel the challenges I was facing but also, and more importantly, to invite me to see and be a more genuine version of myself.  I am and will be ever grateful to have received coaching from Christine to allow me to show up in a new relationship as my best self, explore my vulnerabilities and embrace them as key learning. These were not easy areas to explore for me but Christine held a very safe space for me while expertly coaching in her inimitable style.


- Steph Harvie

I was a technical professional and I was proud of my knowledge and expertise but always struggled to convince the senior manager about my technical ideas for the company. I prepared a booklet of technical details and benefits that my innovation would bring but it got nowhere. I was frustrated when I turned to Christine Johnson. She patiently listened to me and led me, step by step, to a new world of communication and negotiation. The problem was not with my technical details rather it was with my perspective. She showed me the gateway and helped me to walk through. I was able to bring my idea forward again with my new perspective and knowledge; My ideas were well received and made it to the top of my company. This was the starting point of a real shift of consequence in my career and ushered in avenues of success I never thought possible.


- Hossein Ziayan 

Christine's enthusiasm, compassion and keen interest in the neuroscience of change all lend to a wonderful coaching experience with real growth as a result! She listens well and asks great questions that help draw out new insights. I had just been diagnosed with a chronic health condition, and Christine helped me explore this new challenge in a way that helped me appreciate its deeper implications, understand what it represents in the mural of my life and, yes, seize the invitation for greater self-love and expression going forward!


- Martha Hopewell

Christine helped me identify my deepest fears and also the gifts hiding underneath them. In doing so, she helped me go from hiding under my desk as a software engineer to becoming a leader in all areas of my life. At work I began to use more effective communication skills and this resulted in increased collaboration with other managers. I also started my own business as a result. I highly recommend Christine as a coach if you are looking to unleash the full potential within you. I had phenomenal breakthroughs with Christine.


- Aditya Guthey


Amazing how much of a change I experienced from Christine's coaching. I was in a deep rut with a high level of stress before coaching with Christine. My old patterns of “having to do it all for myself” even kept me from utilizing the very tools I coach my clients with. Thank you, Christine, for gently guiding me back to center, where I am able to see things from new eyes and then allow the shift to manifest the support I was seeking.


– Deborah LeeAnn Morley

Christine’s coaching gave me an awareness and deeper understanding of certain elements in my life. Thanks to her intuitive guidance and techniques I was able to bring to light some profound realizations that have been with me all my life, yet I had failed to see. I felt like I had taken off the blindfold. Her genuine approach and sincere intent made the experience comfortable for me to relax enough to reach inside for the answers that have been there all along. She has a wonderful way of guiding the session to promote healing and understanding. I am so grateful and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.


- Al Vidovic


Christine's insightful and empowering coaching has deepened my awareness and enabled me to reframe challenges as opportunities. Christine listens carefully and explores what I've said, as well as my underlying thoughts, feelings, and actions, leaving no stone unturned. Her coaching is supportive, sensitive, and enriching. As an example, when feeling overwhelmed with creating a website, Christine helped me reframe my perspective of this task as an inviting art project, which gave me the impetus to move forward with my goal.

- Deb Pourali

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